Partner Network of body posture diagnostics offices and individual orthopedic insoles

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Use our AUTHORIZED solutions based on thorough medical knowledge and scientific and research practice

For over 10 years we have been implementing a program of partnership cooperation with medical staff. WE IMPLEMENT in to partners medical consulting rooms IN THREE STEPS

    A network of Partnership medical consulting rooms for people who want to implement in the rehabilitation and therapeutic practice foot, gait and balance examinations as well as individual orthopedic insoles and individualized footwear
    Modern posture diagnostics and assessment of therapy progress. Based on thorough medical knowledge, developed by our scientific research and practice, they allow the implementation of proven and evaluated solutions in partner offices
    A  facility educating medical staff and podology specialists in the field of postural research methodology, orthopedic insole design, individualized footwear, rehabilitation services and specialist foot care

We cooperate with physiotherapists, rehabilitation, orthopedics and neurology specialists as well as wound and podology specialists. We are practitioners who, apart from rehabilitation and treatment, carry out scientific research in the field of research methodology

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Together, we will create cooperation to meet your needs and your patients needs . We cooperate in a flexible way. To become a Partner you can choose any products, services, equipment or training. We support in obtaining financing, procedures and implementation process. We do not expect exclusivity – and we do not charge any fees for the Partnership.



We teach you the basics - from anatomy and biomechanics, through physiology and pathology, to research methodology and standard orthopedic insoles.

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We support you in choosing diagnostic equipment (unless you are in possession of it- then you can skip this step). We help in obtaining financing, we provide immediate service support.

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Insoles and shoes, products for You or Your Patients are ordered individually (You do not invest in storage slopes, equipment and production staff).

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DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS that activate the structure

Without passive suport


All types of insoles in one company


The highest quality fabrics


If you need to, we teach you from scratch and advise on a regular basis.


You design- we make insoles for Your Patient


500 medical companies in 9 countries have already trusted us. Thousands of people have benefited from our proprietary training to implement innovative products and services into their facilities.


After our specialized courses, we stay in touch to support our partners in terms of content, development and organization.


Every year we organize training educational meetings. Together, we develop knowledge, discuss "difficult cases", support your development with the latest research and modern products.

Our reviews

"Leading the Health Center, a rehabilitation and treatment center for musculoskeletal diseases, for many years I was looking for solutions that would allow me to objectively assess posture, both in initial diagnostics and ongoing monitoring of therapy progress. The solutions we obtained from allowed us to significantly increase the quality of work with patients in the diagnosis process. In addition, we received the option of ordering orthopedic insoles based on tests in a completely non-binding way. And outside the professional area, thanks to cooperation with Dr. Aleksandra Bitenc-Jasiejko, he strengthened our scientific and research work."

M.Sc.Krzysztof Konior Health Center in Nowogard

"We have been cooperating with and for several years, of which we are very proud. We have not yet met in Poland, as well as this part of Europe, a center that would build a Partnership in this way. Professionalism at every stage - the transfer of knowledge during training, the research methodology used, the possibilities of joint therapeutic process management and care for constant expansion of knowledge results in patient satisfaction, their returns, subsequent initiatives and projects implemented jointly. I would like this cooperation to last as long as possible."

Dr Katarzyna i Jan Głodowscy /TerraCare Rehabilitation and Ortopodology Center

"I started working with practically at the start of my private physiotherapy practice. During the first months, thanks to medical training, implementation of diagnostic and orthopedological procedures, medical products in which I did not have to invest, a Center for Rehabilitation and Treatment of Movement and Podology Diseases was created. Diagnostics, the ability to order all types of specialized individualisation insoles in one company, the implementation of individualized footwear determined the competitiveness of my office. Modernity and comprehensiveness, with low investment and full support - this is what I value most in cooperation with Although after so many years I can also say about professional friendship (and not only)."

M.Sc. Kinga Gonta / ORTOGENIC

"We've come a long way to find the best solutions for our patients. Accidental, although we do not believe in accidentals, meeting with Aleksandra Bitenc-Jasiejko contributed to establishing cooperation with This resulted in many trainings in which we had the opportunity to participate and improve our competences not only in the field of orthopodology ... We received the best product on the market in individual orthopedic insoles. Why the best? Because we examine the patient and design even the most demanding insoles for the most demanding feet. And makes them for us with the greatest care. The commitment, kindness and conscientiousness of the team means that cooperation is always at the highest level"

M.Sc. Sylwia Kupc i& M.Sc. Tomasz Kupc / SANUS PEDI

"Training and medical procedures provided to us by allowed our entire physiotherapeutic team to work interdisciplinary. All our patients are examined initially and on a regular basis according to the same procedures, thanks to which we can monitor their progress in an objective manner. In my practice, I value not only training, but also a substantive exchange of experience in the diagnosis of different age groups and children."

M.Sc. Agata Maciąg-Dawidowska Health Center in Nowogard

"In cooperation with the, I value efficiency the most. Efficiency in action, cooperation, in the selection of methods, work tools, acquiring qualifications at numerous courses for the medical and medical field. Everything from the best lecturers - trainers from Poland and abroad, which guarantees substantive knowledge and practical solutions. The combination of professionalism and passion as well as a wealth of experience are the features that perfectly describe this unit. Competent and helpful staff, engaged in the development of not only their branch but also each business partner, ensures the satisfaction of co-creation - measures, solutions, scientific research, and constant exchange of experience. is a family of professionals from various fields, with a passion for helping other people. Thanks to the great atmosphere and continuous cooperation, we achieve amazing results in the care of our patients' health. With joy and gratitude that I can be here and create with you."

M.Sc. Monika Marglewska/ NEFRETETE

"Education at allowed me to significantly broaden my knowledge in the area of postural diagnostics. Anthropometry, functional diagnostics, x-ray and body biomechanics assessment of the team's proprietary solutions resulted in a broader view of patients' problems. The results of gait, pelvic kinematics and computer scopes implemented through cooperation have resulted in strengthening the effectiveness and precision of planning the rehabilitation process."

M.Sc. Mariusz Staniak/ Nowogard Health Center

"Modern solutions and procedures that combine our therapeutic methods with postural diagnostics and orthopedic insoles implemented in cooperation with have meant that I can not only act holistically - these solutions have allowed me to develop my scientific and research path. Combining learning with professional practice - daily support and the possibility of ordering one product at a time, as well as incredibly friendly cooperation - they provide the opportunity for substantive and qualitative development. "

M.Sc. Magdalena Merta/ Physiotherapist, S-Med

"Cooperation with Dr. Aleksandra Bitenc-Jasiejko, resulted in the creation of postgraduate studies "Ortopodology" at the College of Education and Therapy. prof. Kazimiera Milanowska. The experience of the and teams has enabled the implementation of innovative postural diagnostics solutions into the program, based on reliable medical and practical knowledge. --- PhD. Katarzyna Kordus Vice-Rector for the Department of Educational Studies. College of Education and Therapy prof. Kazimiera Milanowska in Poznan "

Dr. Katarzyna Kordus/ Dean of the College of Education and Therapy

"In addition to vast knowledge in the field of posturography, design of orthopedic insoles for children and adults, and footwear, I appreciate in cooperation with the daily opportunity to consult "difficult cases". Partner meetings and the use of scientific and research solutions have allowed me to look more broadly at the patient's problems. It's great that we can exchange knowledge and experience with people outside the company. I also value additional rehabilitation trainings in osteopathy and applied kinesiology imported from abroad by the team."

M.Sc. Marcin Olechowski/ Nowogard Health Center